The Hellmarch


  • The party recovers Eamon’s Banner, which grants the party healing powers.
  • the party recovers 1,000gp worth of black pearls from a demonic looking statue
  • Kalkenesh discerns that the ruins were teleported from another realm and are sustained by magic, but that magic is diminishing and the area is collapsing where the magic is weakest
  • Voronwe knows that 2 statues posted at a door with 3 locks are gorim and kast, devils who tempt people from the straight and narrow path (the origin of this expression on this plane of existence
  • the party doesnt get the hint and instead slowly crosses a room with a crush wall trap,but manages to avoid tripping it
  • party discovers a cave system below the ruins, and soon learns that area is the base of a Beholder named morpoc
  • Brood encounters some drow, and is able to milk them for information: within 5 hours, a platoon of drow will arrive in the area and raffin venomblade, a drow adventurer, is to wait for them
  • the party defeats the drow when they realize the party is not what it seems
  • the party encounters raffin venomblade, who gets along well with brood, but whom he recognizes almost instantly
  • an alliance is formed whereby each group will attack a section of morpoc’s base.
  • after the party defeats their section raffin turns on them
  • the party then encounters and defeats morpoc, then finds a mysterious passage hidden behind a wall in his lair



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