The Hellmarch

Devil dealings (2 sessions)

May 2nd session

  • The party continues exploring Morpoc the Beholder’s lair, and discovers a passageway that leads back into Du’Cell’s base. there they find a portal that ends up sending them a great distance, which turns out to be a cavern under Valena.
  • the party discovers nearly a thousand coins representing souls lost to duc’cell, and determines that they are also used in some sort of scrying ritual.
  • Du’Cell is found in an inn 200’ above this chamber. He gives the party some information, but holds back the essential information and will only share it if the party can defeat him in a game of cards.
  • the party barely manages to do so, and by the end of it, needs to ante up all their souls just to have a chance
  • the party learns several pieces of important information:
  1. Lilith is actually a devil Succubus named Synelle, who replaced the real lilith after Tuladin killed her. The party learns that one of the doomed souls in rockshatter cave was actually lilith, and also learns that the broken unicorn horn pieces were kept by both Lilith and Dylena, the duchess of Peran.
  2. The Hellmarch is triggered by a mortal making contact and pulling a powerful devil to this realm, and in so doing triggers a chain reaction that culminates in the Hellmarch. This devil also controls the hellfire pillars, a devastating weapon employed by the devil horde.
  3. Istarel, Duke of Koor is familiar with the unicorn horn incident that ruined Lilith and Dylena’s friendship when they were young children
  • realizing that Istarel is the key to exposing Lilith, the party contrives a plan to draw Istarel out of his heavily guarded palace, and gives him the unicorn horn so that he may see for himself that lilith is an imposter
  • this ploy works, allowing the party to defeat Synelle easily at the landsmeet, where her devil form is revealed when Istarel rebukes her. She is escorted by Halbarad, 2 erathis temple priests, and several koor guards who all turn out to be devils (with the exception of Halbarad who is dominated for the encounter)

May 9th session

  • The party deemed Halbarad’s sins too great and advised executing him for his crimes. Halabarad took his punishment with stoic acceptance, impressed that Itheus had the backbone to do it
  • As the party recognized the priest Acele from the Erathis temple had been replaced by an imposter devil, the team immediately traveled to the erathis temple, and found it infested with Hellmarch doom cult members
  • in one of the priest offices the party found a trapdoor the led to an underground cult base. It’s presence also suggest a long term relationship between the church of erathis and the hellmarch doom cult, but no evidence was found that explains it.
  • the party defeated the cultists after a long battle, exacerbated by Voronwe unwittingly alerting cultists on the lower levels to their presence.
  • on the lower level, the party gets into another battle, and is stunned to find a 40’ tall devil engrossed in his own thoughts as a battle rages around him. As well, a portal displays a marshaling army in hell, with dozens of devils observing the party.
  • the party finds a adamantium shard infused with radiant energy, and immediately realizes that it could be used to free du’cell if they so choose.
  • the party gets into a conversation with Kauth, the devil in the wards, but doesnt get much info. They do learn that Lydia, the Erathis zealot they encountered in kuza, is the mortal who summoned kauth and triggered the hellmarch.
  • after getting enough time to examine the wards and discern Kauth’s motives, the party sucessfully convinces/forces him to leave
  • as this occurs, each party member is given an opening (from sucessfully unlocking the option during the SC, to permanently defeat Kauth. Voronwe proved the most skillfull, and manages to run up kauth and deliver a blow with his fullblade that, although insignificant in damage, is enough to disturb kauth while he is trying to re-trace the intricate sigils required to return to hell. Kauth is ripped asunder by the swirling vortex of time and space. Voronwe claims kauth’s head as a trophy, as the witnessing devils recoil in terror, one even fainting upon enduring Voronwe’s stare.



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