The Hellmarch

Duergar Killfest

Underground cave

  • we kill duergar in torture room
  • left room: arcane room, office for magic-user sculpture of hand
    with blood
  • top room: jail cells
  • right room: stairs leading down
  • ancient dwarven crypt, long since been looted; invading dwarves
    must have smashed their way through altar on north wall; ancient
    air seeping through wall; thru wall narrow path over chasm
  • statues of paragon; altar on dais; duergar. we’re about to fight.
    tough combat; brood drops but we survive.
  • statues better quality than ones in Hammerheim. Passage leads
    into trail. MILESTONE & EXTENDED REST.

Aesgir’s trail

  • more signs of battle. Closer we get to place, the more we see dwarf
    bodies. we discover a bridge over magma. Duergar wounded, fighting Aesgir
    & friends. Duergar waiting for something (reinforcements?).
  • Aesgir doesn’t give a crap about Hammerheim, too busy with his quest to clean out this area. Will not return to Hammerheim, wages endless war in lost kingdom.
  • We have to hold the bridge and seal it in order for Aesgir to
    give his sign to help us. But we also have to prevent the Duergar from rushing past us and killing Aesgir. End of session.



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