The Hellmarch

Taking Care of Business

Going to the lake

  • verdant, miles across — almost size of Denmark
  • no signs of civilization
  • some large wildlife long thought extinct
  • nothing else remarkable SO FAR (duh duh duh)

Going to slavers

  • takes a day to get around Ezrin’s area
  • as we approach, we can see tower of Ezrin located in bog; loose
    patrols hundreds of yards apart looking for intruders (slave
    bands of 15 or more)

Skill Challenge to sneak in and avoid patrols

  • Brood fails Intimidate check
  • we succeed

We enter Ezrin’s tower, kill him

  • Voronwe does 77 points of critical damage to kill an invisible,
    blurred Ezrin — BOO-YA!
  • we find treasure
  • Ezrin from Rethen (House Sevelda), does stuff via scrying mirror

Amiri’s camp abuzz

  • “we heard Ezrin’s dying wail — well done!”
  • Kuza village was destroyed, Amiri thinks we did it; we tell her
  • we tell her about killing white dragon; Amiri promises to send 3000 ragers, 500 honor guard to muster against devils

Examining the body from the village

  • broken bones, severe burns
  • something not natural, not that fire would do
  • Kalkinnash can’t shed light on this death
  • something killed entire village in one shot
  • Amiri: signs of Hellmarch approaching; shamans attuned to signs
    and legends; when time is right, she’ll go to Valina, otherwise
    send messenger

Going to village

  • travel out of scrubland, more familiar so no SC needed
  • as we approach Kuza, we can see something amiss: buildings
    largely disappeared; fully daylight but no one stirs; craters
  • must have been ritual
  • must have taken months to do this much damage
  • looks like impact; something must have exploded; feels like a
    myth or legend
  • tracks (as many as five survivors); one was wounded
  • maybe go to Rethem first (on the way), then Hammerheim

Travel to Rethem

  • commotion to south
  • owlbears attack!!!
  • burn marks on corpses; looks like they were herded here
  • Norss tracks them to lair; smells of brimstone (devils)


Ezren isn’t of house Rethen, he’s from Rethen, he’s of house Sevelda.

Taking Care of Business

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