The Hellmarch

Tuladin is a sick f*ck

The party explored a long tunnel that ended in a treasure pile, the pile was rigged to set off a cave-in. The party escaped mostly unscathed, but Voronwe and Mr.Black took some significant hits.

The party encountered 4 cultist thugs in a mist filled cave. The cultists used what was later identified as flame salt (an ingredient of alchemist’s fire) to cause a reaction in a geyser that belched blinding caustic fluid throughout the cave each round. The party defeated the cultists, and neutralized the geyser reaction by pouring a potion of healing into the geyser. The cultists have similar ritual burnings to the ones defeated while rescuing the caravan after leaving Hammerheim.

The party barricaded the door in the cave and long-rested. During each watch on the rest, someone (later revealed to be Tuladin) taunted the party by loudly knocking on the door. Tuladin also used the lull in the action to burn documents in his room/torture chamber. Voronwe’s Superior elven senses found a burned letter where the letters “Du’C” could be made out.

The chamber contained a potion table where tuladin made pain enhancing potions, a wall with 2 corpses that had been tortured to death over a very long period of time, and a sarcophagus that someone have been buried alive in. Tuladin is a jerk.

The party found Tuladin in an adjoining cave. arvind detected 9 consciousnesses, but the party could only see Tuladin and 4 shambling corpses. In the cave are 4 braziers and a table with 4 objects. Kalkanesh used her religious knowledge to determine that each brazier has a tortured soul attached to it. each object on the table is attuned to a tortured soul. The party learns the hard way that each tortured soul is giving Tuladin to regenerate 10 points a turn (each!!!).

The party listens to each voice and get a fragment of each souls story, where they are recounting their greatest regret.

The party determines which objects are attuned to whom, and allocates them accordingly.

At this point in the battle, Tuladin drinks a mysterious potion. Although Tuladin is a formidable opponent, the party manages to keep Tuladin in a dazed state for four turns at one point, and eventually defeats him. Before he dies, Brood offers Tuladin the chance to surrender. Tuladin seemingly accepts, but soon dies from the potion he imbibed, earlier (revealed to be poison).

The party returns to Peran, and learns that someone has been gathering info on the party.



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