The Hellmarch

When do we get the fricken guns?

  • Party visited Dylena, and she agreed to commit 3,000 troops
  • Party decided to interrogate Raki, and was successful. Learned that Halbarad called a Landsmeet to either seize the throne, or provoke a civil war if the votes go against him.
  • Party attempted to bully Raki into mis-informing Halbarad, but were unable to make the intimidate check. Raki chose to die by his principles.
  • Party went to Valena, and gathered info. Found out that Halbarad is meeting with undecided nobles to try and gain their support.
  • Party visited Itheus, whose nightmares are getting worse. He knew the name Du’Cell is important, and suggested the party look for someone knowledgeable at the royal college
  • Party went to royal college, met Fruegeon, who Kalkanesh remembered from the tales of the order of the phoenix. He told the party Du’Cell was a Devil commander. The party discusses further and learns that one of the legends says that DuCell was imprisoned on this plane as a punishment for failing to capture valena.
  • The party learns that the Devil horde had the ability to summon Hellfire Pillars to wipe out entire legions, but this was not done at the Battle of Valena, for some reason
  • Party learns church of Erathis has a large archive vault that may have more info, but that they will note be granted access as the info within is sensitive.
  • Party goes to temple of Erathis, and is denied access to the vault, manages to frustrate a priest with an attempt to bribe.
  • Party goes to Halbarad’s meeting, and although subjected to withering accusations about all their misdeeds, manages to convince the neutral nobles to either favor or at least delay the Landsmeet. Party convinces all but a noble from house Sevelda.
  • Party breaks into the vault (by blackmailing a hypocrite priest, disguising self as high-level priest and sending the guards away, recognizing a shoddily installed water trap, and picking the vault door lock
  • Party finds a map that lists all the old devil commander bases, then discovers all clues to find that Du’Cell’s base was located in Hyza
  • Party goes to Hyza, wails on some undead soldiers.



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